The digital transformation is the major theme of our time. It represents a fundamental change for society. The transformation has also arrived in the automotive industry and in IAM. In particular, communication with the cardriver and the car is undergoing a revolution. The overall goal: To ensure digital communication and the exchange of information along the entire value chain – from the parts industry and wholesalers to workshops, concept developers, insurance companies, fleets and car sharing – and now to consciously involve the cardriver and the car itself. Addressing the end consumer in this way requires new ways and means. CARTELLIGENCE develops software products and services for exactly this purpose.

"We see our market position as a privilege to enable our customers, especially the workshops, to communicate digitally with their customers, the car drivers, in the future". 


CARTELLIGENCE GmbH was founded in August 2020 as a subsidiary of the TOPMOTIVE Group. The leading supplier of catalog systems is expanding its portfolio with this new business segment. The family-owned company has been an established pillar in the IAM for over 26 years and has played a major role in shaping it with innovations. Thanks to its proximity to customers from all sectors, i.e. wholesalers, workshops and the parts industry, TOPMOTIVE knows the concerns and requirements of the individual target groups. This is indeed the best prerequisite for optimizing and expanding the processes along this chain.

The impetus for CARTELLIGENCE came in part from the TOPMOTIVE Group’s collaboration with 16 students from the Stuttgart Media University: A joint project to develop how mobile applications can facilitate communication between car, cardriver and workshop. The goal was to create new areas of application and, together with the creativity of the “digital natives”, to exploit the potential of digitalization, to think outside the box and create “out-of-the-box” ideas.

Based on the technologies of the TOPMOTIVE catalog system NEXT, the two parties jointly developed new use cases and application areas. The result is an app that will enable workshops to communicate with the car and the cardriver in a highly professional and digital way in the future. This is how CARTELLIGENCE was created.

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Society is leading the way. Nowadays, almost everything in private and professional life is controlled via the smartphone. Consumers are becoming increasingly familiar with the digital world.

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Connected Car. Big Data. Telematics. Many terms – one quintessence: The vehicle is becoming continuously more digital.

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From telephone orders, haptic catalogs and DVDs to self-learning systems, digital appointments and cost estimations in seconds. Digital leaps in development do not stop at the workshop.

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Die Gesellschaft macht’s vor. Heutzutage wird im privaten und im beruflichen Umfeld nahezu alles über das Smartphone gesteuert. Der Verbraucher ist mit der digitalen Welt immer mehr vertraut.

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Connected Car. Vernetzes Fahrzeug. Telematik. Viele Begriffe – eine Quintessenz: Das Fahrzeug wird kontinuierlich digitaler.

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Von Telefonbestellungen, haptischen Katalogen und DVDs zu selbstlernenden Systemen, digitalen Terminkalendern und KVAs in Sekundenschnelle. Digitale Entwicklungssprünge machen auch vor der Werkstatt nicht Halt.