CARTELLIGENCE GmbH was founded in August 2020 as a subsidiary of the TOPMOTIVE Group. Due to the strong market changes and new requirements in the area of digitalization of communication processes in the automotive market, the group of leading providers of catalog systems and services is expanding its fields of activity and business segments in its portfolio.

The impetus for CARTELLIGENCE came, among other things, from the cooperation between the TOPMOTIVE Group and 16 students from the Stuttgart Media University. A joint project to work out how mobile applications can facilitate communication between car, driver and workshop and lead them down a completely new path.

Addressing the end consumer requires new ways and means. The founding of CARTELLIGENCE provides the opportunity to act independently and autonomously from the parent company TOPMOTIVE and at the same time benefit from expertise and experience. 

CARTELLIGENCE stands for digital communication between the car/driver and the workshop or wholesaler and the corresponding suppliers in the industry. We have the necessary expertise and the corresponding products to optimally connect all vehicle processes between the target groups. CARTELLIGENCE stands for new ways, radical change and progress. CARTELLIGENCE is helping to set the pace of change and is completely redesigning communication in the automotive market.

CARTELLIGENCE GmbH was founded as the twelfth subsidiary of the TOPMOTIVE Group.

The family-owned companies have been an established pillar in the IAM for over 26 years and play a major role in shaping it with innovations. In contrast to TOPMOTIVE, the new business segment, which focuses on cars and drivers, also operates in the B2C area, among other things, in the form of providing products and services for drivers and their vehicles. Thanks to its proximity to customers from all sectors, i.e. wholesalers, workshops and the parts industry, TOPMOTIVE knows the needs and requirements of the individual target groups. This is indeed the best prerequisite for optimizing and further expanding the processes along this chain.

Since CARTELLIGENCE’s products affect the entire process chain in the automotive market (parts industry, wholesale, workshops, concept developers, insurance companies, fleets, car sharing, car rentals, repair processes, etc.), the customer is not required to be a TOPMOTIVE customer), they will be linked to TOPMOTIVE systems on the one hand, but at the same time standardized interfaces will enable all market participants to exchange information. 

The products are designed for digital communication along the entire process chain in the automotive market. The focus is always on the car and the driver. CARTELLIGENCE develops corresponding software products and services for this purpose, such as a “Driver App”, in a combination that is unique on the market to date, the “Workshop Profiler”, a link between the dealer, workshop and the driver, and the “Parts Indicator”, a repair recommendation based on intelligent data analysis.

The final roll-out and the start of the test phase is planned for autumn 2020. 

With the “Cardriver-App”, CARTELLIGENCE offers a combination that is unique on the market. Fully integrated measures such as workshop and vehicle search, integrated service calculation (fast calculator), chat module, integrated workshop calendar and marketing tools offer both sides – the driver and the workshop – a platform for digital and more efficient communication. With just a few clicks, the driver can find out how much the upcoming repair or the next service in his workshop will cost, ask questions and make an appointment directly. The current development plan provides for a very wide range of functional enhancements in the coming months.

The so-called “Workshop Profiler” enables workshops to record their operations, contact details, opening hours and the services offered, including hourly rates, in the catalog system. The information entered is displayed to the end consumer – the driver – in the driver app. This enables them to decide on the appropriate car repair store. The “Workshop Profiler” is thus the link between the dealer, workshop and the driver. At the same time, intelligent functions connect the “Workshop Profiler” with search systems and portals on the Internet and various libraries.

The “Parts Indicator” from CARTELLIGENCE creates added value for the end customer within the driver app by giving him a preview of the future repair requirements of his vehicle, depending on the age and mileage of the vehicle. Based on an intelligent data analysis and evaluation, the “Parts Indicator” provides a repair recommendation and refers to more than 40,000,000 repair cases from the last six years in various regions and data sources. The “Parts Indicator” is therefore based on true values and not on assumptions.

The TOPMOTIVE Group has been offering its services and products on the market for more than 26 years. During this time, highly available and extremely powerful services have been created for the Group’s customers, which have been set up and operated in Germany using a consistent and highly secure hardware concept. Based on this experience, the products and services of CARTELLIGENCE GmbH will be built up and accessed and will offer customers the familiar secure environment of operation and data security.