With the Admin Dashboard, workshop concept providers have the possibility to manage the workshops belonging to their network or association. The information already provided by the workshop can be extended or the input can be completely taken over by the concept developer. This makes various analyses possible. In addition, marketing campaigns can be run centrally, which are visible to the driver in the CARTELLIGENCE driver app.


  • Clearly structured analysis dashboard: Access to the number and contact data of the workshops within the concept, to the number of stored user vehicles, to the top 10 workshops and top 10 brands as well as to the number of car driver app users
  • Central tool for marketing campaigns: including input mask with start and end time of the campaign, teaser text and option to upload an associated image
  • Workshop overview: All workshops within the concept at a glance with the possibility to centrally adjust the individual information (such as contact details, contact persons, opening hours, services offered, pictures, etc.)